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  4. 7AM~|0th Language “What is our gift?”

7AM~|0th Language “What is our gift?”


EQ Equity Class for kids eventbrite

Event Details

DATE & TIME 06/02/2023 at 7pm in NY, Florida time (Check your time zone)
THEME “What is your gift?” EQ skills Optimism, Connection, Confidence
ITEMS YOU NEED Color paper, scissors, tape/glue/stapler, color pens
Facilitator  Rachel Cheeseman from CiSEL, Barbados

Registration Required


Learning EQ & Equity through playful crafting activities!

Emotional intelligence facilitator from all around world will welcome you this space on every first Friday in US time! We, 0th Language will share a safe space for all the children to connect with themselves, and with new friends from anywhere in the world to nurture their sense of being a global citizen.

Facilitator Comment

“Each one of us is uniquely special, and we all have something that the world needs. It’s important that we help our children to gain the courage to walk in the light of what makes them unique and to share it with the world.” by Rachel


  • Events will be mainly for ages 7 -11, but if you are interested to join with us please sign up!
  • Children under 7 will need parents’ or some older kids’ supports
  • Please join with your camera on as much as possible!


0th Language 

is a platform of several SEL organizations from all around the world that resonate with the concept of “becoming a true global citizen through practical & experience-based EQ & Equity learning in a multi-cultural space.” 0th Language is also a name of a program for kids to connect with inside of themselves + new friends from anywhere in the world to nurture their sense of being a global citizen.
Connection beyond the differences will let us find the similarities beyond the differences. That connection creates feelings of belonging, openness and empathy, so called DAIJOUBU in a Japanese term which means feeling of safety.
Knowing others in a safe place would let you be more conscious about yourself, feel how special you are and how special each of us are beyond any differences, and give you a sense of respecting others’ presence.
0th Language is derivate from a platform in Japan, named DAIJOUBU, that offering online safe space for children and adults to learn EQ and Equity with a mission of “making a world where all the children feel safe (=DAIJOUBU) the way they are.”
The director of this program is Ayaka Mawarida, the founder of DAIJOUBU, an emotional intelligence teacher for teachers, a mother of three children, a musician and an activist working to create a world where each and every person can live their own life the way they are. She has been learning EQ with Six Seconds and working as an EQ instructor almost a decade, and currently studying in Master degree of Social Justice & Human Rights at Arizona State University (until Spring 2024). Programs at 0th Language is designed by Ayaka as a specialist in Social Emotional Learning and Social Justice & Human Rights.


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